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GCMTB Newsletter 2023 #1


Divas in the Dirt – 6 May 2023 – Gold Coast Cycle Centre, Nerang

Divas on the Dirt Mountain Bike Festival returns bigger and better than ever in 2023. It’s a mini mountain bike festival for all women no matter your experience.

You’ll compete in a staged race. You will smash out a relay with new teammates. You’ll enjoy a fantastic lunch. And best of all, spend the day with other amazing mountain biking women.

Book Divas on the Dirt Mountain Bike Festival on Saturday 6 May in your diary and join us for a supportive fun festival.

Enter here: https://www.gcmtb.com.au/divas-on-the-dirt/

Soil Searching – 11 June 2023 – Gold Coast Cycle Centre, Nerang

Once again, Specialized is joining Nerang Trail Care Alliance for a day on the trails with their Soil Searching program. A few years ago Nerang welcomed the first Soil Searching event in Australia and was a huge success.

Specialized will be on site, along side NTCA, with freebies and a free lunch! Anyone welcome to come have a dig, restore some of our favorite trail features at Nerang and have a good rest afterwards. Bring yourself, sun safe clothing and a pair of gloves!

Trails Update

Nerang National Park

As many would have noticed, GCMTB and QPWS have worked closely to improve many of the trails within the park. GCMTB has been sourcing funds through various grants with QPWS using their own budgets to improve trails and access roads. All up, over $130,000 has been spent with QPWS securing additional funding as part of their annual budget. In addition to trail restorations, Taipan trail and other new features and links were added. A special thanks to John Hardy and the Nerang Trail Care Alliance team for their trail improvements too.

In addition to physical trail works, GCMTB has worked with Ngarang-Wal Gold Coast Aboriginal Association to seek an agreement to evaluate the trails (from Never Ending Story northwards) over the next 3 years.

The intention is to take a pragmatic approach to assessing environmental sustainability of the trails and whether or not the trails impact the cultural heritage of the land on which they are located; an approach that was lacking in the Co-Design project. Thus, for the time being the trails will continue to be available. GCMTB reminds the MTB community to stick to the existing trails and report illegal activities you see to QPWS.

Hinze Dam

Seqwater have currently engaged trail builders to renew the trail network adjacent to Hinze Dam. There are other trail changes that Seqwater proposed, including many trails becoming single direction. Hinze Dam is a great trail network and a refreshing change to the rocky terrain that is typical at Nerang National Park.