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Old Tambo

Difficulty:  Intermediate / Advanced

Best ridden on:  All Mountain / Enduro bikes
Shuttles:  Not required, but recommended

Start of trail:  Top of Mountain Tamborine, at the end of Wongawallan Road, Eagle Heights.
End of trail:  Bottom of the mountain on Welches Rd, Wongawallan.

The trail increases in difficulty as it descends. It is possible to ride back up the fire road that mostly runs parallel to the trail but it is steep!  Most opt to shuttle back to the top with a vehicle and driver.  The trail is best suited for all-mountain (AM/Enduro) bikes.  It can be ridden with a downhill bike, although there is some pedalling involved.  This is a public trail open for all to use.  It is rated intermediate to advanced, therefore not suitable for those just starting out on a mountain bike.  Regardless of rider ability, ensure that that a survey ride is done before pinning it down to familiarise yourself with the trail and to see if there are any hazards on the track e.g. fallen branches, rocks etc.