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Reedy Creek

Reedy Creek Glossy Black Trails

Around 8 kilometres of mountain bike trails have been built within Glossy Black Reserve. Black by name, not by nature, well the IMBA rating anyway. These trails have been classified as either easy (green circle) or intermediate (blue square) by the International Mountain Bicycling Association trail difficulty rating system (IMBA Australia).

The majority of the mountain bike trails are to be ridden as one way trails and the signs indicate the correct direction of travel. The trails either link directly to each other or via short sections of shared use trail (fire trails). Ensure you look out for walkers when riding the shared use trails.

The eight dedicated mountain bike trails are described below. Please refer to the trail map.

Glossy Black Reserve Area trail maps

Mountain bike trail map(PDF, 777KB)▸ LISTEN

Test Run 180 metres | one way

A tight little downhill trail with basic technical features to test your skills before heading onto the longer trails.

Jumpin’ Ant Hill 1600 metres | one way

A climbing trail that offers a challenge as it winds through the forest to the top of the reserve. This trail links to Lazy Lizard.

Lazy Lizard 1350 metres | one way

Cross country style trail that flows along the forest contours. Remain on the easier route or take the intermediate ‘B Lines’. This trail links to Rabbit’s Run.

Rabbit’s Run 1050 metres | one way

Starts as a gentle decent but quickly turns into a fast flowing trail. Graded easy, but look out for the more technical intermediate ‘B Lines’ along the way.

Cockys Climb 1025 metres | one way

Blue intermediate ascending trail that winds back to the high point in the reserve. Look out for the Glossy Black cockatoos feeding on the casuarina trees. Links to Drop Bear via Golden Grove trail.

Drop Bear 1080 metres | one way

Descending intermediate trail that rivals the thrill of most rollercoasters at Movie World. This action-packed trail has a series of berms, rollers and optional jumps. Exits onto Golden Grove fire trail, with a steep push back to the start of Cascades.

Cascades 1110 metres | one way

Blue intermediate trail that that follows the contours around the edge of the reserve. The trail takes you beneath a waterfall and over a number of creek crossings. The trail also crosses the reserve’s fire trails so look out for walkers. Links up with Cockys Climb.

Fledgling 130 metres | two way

A short, two-way trail that links up to Cockys Climb. Great for beginners to practice riding berms and going over small jumps.


Glossy Black Reserve, Entrance and carpark: Golden Grove Boulevarde (opposite 1 Skywatch Circuit), Reedy Creek 4227