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Become a GCMTB member

Gold Coast Mountain Bike Club (GCMTB) is affiliated with the national mountain biking body, Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA).  To become a member of GCMTB, you must first register with MTBA and then choose GCMTB as your local club.  MTBA have several levels of membership, covering things from public liability to income protection and medical insurance.  Details can be found on the MTBA website.

Free 8 Week Trial Membership

MTBA offer a free 8 week trial membership which gives you limited coverage, but enough to allow you to join GCMTB on our social rides and events.  You cannot nominate GCMTB as your local club whilst on a trial membership, you must take out a full membership first.

Benefits of Membership

GCMTB presents a unified voice for trail advocacy on the Gold Coast.  Benefits include:

  • Support the ongoing development and maintenance of local mountain bike trails 
  • Access to a growing, friendly community of experienced mountain bike riders
  • Free or discounted entry to a range of club activities like social rides, coaching and races
  • Discounts at the following local stores
    • 99 Bikes Burleigh | 20% off retail prices of bikes, parts and servicing
    • 99 Bikes Ashmore | 20% off retail prices of bikes, parts and servicing
    • South Tweed Supercycle | 10% off retail prices of bikes, parts and servicing
    • NS Dynamics | 20% off retail prices for servicing
    • Velosure Bike Insurance | 15% of bike premiums
    • Scicon Bags | 40% off bike travel bags
    • Fitness on Capri | 20% off regular retail memberships

Membership Fees

GCMTB membership fees are additional to MTBA membership fees however MTBA offer a discount when nominating a local club.

Senior (19+ years) | $30 / year
Junior (3-18 years) | $10 / year

Click here to go to MTBA and start your membership

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